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Zobit Crypto exchange, The Most Advanced True Exchange Script written in PHP.

Inbuilt Wallets: No payments gateway leeching 4% of deposits
Inbuilt Trading engine: No external Market taking all profits.

Fast Trading Engine

Zobit Features a state of the art fast trading engine with capacity of 10000Tx per second on 2vcpu VPS!! ansd 500,000Txs/sec on a Loadbalancer!

Direct to Freezer

Cold Deposit Wallets

ALl deposits head straight to a cold wallet. Ledger nano or Electrum etc.

Pre Approvals

Advanced Withdraw Queue

All withdraws are queued and withdrawal that raise your set flags will need preapproval.

Multiple cryptos

Easy Coin Addition

Easily Ass any coin without writting code. Has inbuilt support for ERC20 and Bitcoin based Coins/Nodes.

Less Work, More Money!

Zobit is designed to make you money with least effort in Autopilot. Zobit is a Set it and Leave it system!!

1. Collect Exchange Fees in Autopilot

2. Users add custom altcoins for a Fee

3. Users Deploy Custum ERC20 Tokens for A fee

4. Users Hold ICOs for A fee

Exchange Features

Zobit is designed for speed and connectivity! Everything is fine tuned to execute trades within Miliseconds and connect easily to new cryptos

Vuejs Ui

Advanced Vuejs Driven Front end

The data driven client frontend is sockets driven and takes 40% stress off the server, increasing speeds of backend services.

Ajax Posting
Security First

Secured with Auto Backups

Twofactor Auth Logins.

Cold Wallets Desposits System.

Multisig Wallets system.


Your Own Unique Theme!!

Have your own unique Exchange, with a unique theme. Let your brand standout from the crowd

Bootstrap4 themes with Vuejs.

Material design themes with Angular.

What our customers say?

Zobit Powers Hundred of Exchanges Under The hood! We asked our customers to rate our service, here are some random responses

" Took Long to setup, almost 5 weeks. But In the end I was Happy with my new Template. More speed is needed in template Customisation! Overall 80%"

Madsen Tenzen


" I like script. Maybe should need to add system to Deploy different contract because now all custom Token same, contract. If Added this system , then 100% rating I give"

Anatoly Alexei

Coin Changemex

"Honestly I will give you 60%. The deposit system sends all coins to an offline wallet, means I manually have to refill the withdraw wallet!. Fix this. This is not autopilot as advertised."

Michael Iomus

Ladrex Systems

Popular FAQs

What does open source mean?

Open source means you have access to the source code . Its not encrypted or obfuscated in any form. It doesnt mean the software is free or is royality free.

A single Licence Means you can install the software only in a single IP address. You are free to make any modifications as you seem fit , but the licence only covers a single Server.

A resell licence means you can resell the software but only with your resell theme. The default zobit theme cannot be included in your bundle. You also handle all your support queries.

An Exclusive theme means , the theme will not be sold ever by zobit after its sold to you. A non exclusive will be sold to another client if they like it

The turnover for a custom theme is 4 weeks. Please note that due to the complexity of certain custom requests , customization could take upto six weeks.

Get Started. No hidden fees.

We have a plan for everyone !


$999/One Time

Exchange Only.

Exclusive Custom Theme: 0

Non Exclusive Theme: 1

Support: 3 Months

Domains 1



$1899/One Time

1 Exclusive Custom Theme.

Exclusive Custom Theme: 1

Non Exclusive Theme: 1

Support: 6 Months

Domains 3


$6900/One Time

Resell Licence.

Exclusive Custom Theme: 1

Non Exclusive Theme: 1

Support: 12 Months

Domains Unlimited